Yogi Kanthika Throat Relief Pill - Regular Pack

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Yogi Kanthika is a Suck-able, sugar-free, ayurvedic, no prescription required ,sore throat relief medicine which helps in providing relief to all throat related problems. Yogi Kanthika can be used in the following conditions:

Details Yogi Kanthika Throat Relief Pill

Jeshthamadh (Mulethi, Yestimadhu)


Jaiphal (Jaitphal)

Tulsi (Tulas)

Shitalchini (Kankol)


Karpoor (Kapoor)

Ajmoda (Ajwian ka Satva)

Babbol ki gond (Babhul)

Relieves throat irritation

Relieves throat swelling

Relieves coughing

Relieves sore throat

Clears the voice

Freshens breath.

Difficulty in Swallowing

Hoarseness of Voice

Throat Irritation

Throat Pain

Bad breath due to unproductive cough

Acute Pharyngitis

Acute Tonsillitis

Congested throat

Unproductive cough in postnasal drip


Yogi Kanthika Throat Relief Pill - Regular Pack